Jack Petchey

Achievers Award Scheme



In 2008 we applied to take part in the Jack Petchey Achievers Award Scheme and in May 2009 were delighted to learn that our application had been successful.

Jack Petchey who is now well into his 80’s, was born an East End boy, from a happy home but with few luxuries. He left school at 14. After the war he joined a law firm but on being told he was not managerial     potential he left and set up his own second hand car and taxi business.

This proved so successful so he bought more cars, then garages, then property and finally businesses. Suffice it to say Jack is now a multi millionaire.

Jack never forgot his childhood or that of his friends and colleagues many of whom for various reasons went off the rails or never made the most of their potential.

In 1999 Jack set up his charitable foundation the main aim being to support programmes and projects that benefit young people. The   thinking being to channel the enthusiasm and potential of youngsters in the right direction early enough to set them on the right path to success. Over the years Jack has donated several million pounds to the foundation and continues to do so.

The Achievers Award Scheme is just one of the vehicles the Foundation provides. It is aimed at young people in the 11 to 25 age range and restricted geographically to London and Essex being the areas Jack had grown up in.

The scheme itself is a very simple one. During the course of a full year we can nominate a maximum of 3 youngsters for an award. Each winner will receive a certificate and medallion and also a cheque for £200 to be used for the benefit of the club but on something of the youngsters own choosing. An individual can only win the award once for the same organisation although they could win it with the club and another award from school for example.                                                                                                                         

Award winners do not have to be the best players. The idea is that the scheme should recognise those youngsters who contribute exceptionally to the running of the club as a whole. The scheme does not recognise talent so much as effort.

             YEAR     AWARD USED FOR

Matt Wilson                                2009        Additional Kwik Cricket Equipment  
Jon Wilson                                 2009        Crease Marker and additional practice balls for the bowling machine
Graham Dell                               2010        Purchase of club shirts for the colt's teams
Chris Wilson                               2010       Training tops for qualified coaches
Rob Nutter                                  2010        New number cartridges for the scoreboard
Will Stairmand                            2011        Purchase of a Combi Rake System
Oliver Dickie                               2011                           --As above--
Tobi Adkinson                             2011         Purchase of a gas Barbeque and Gas Cylinder
Elliot Ford                                    2012        Purchase of a Scarifyer
Sam Lines                                   2012                            --As above--
Taylor Meadows                          2012         Purchase of a Groundsman's Wheelbarrow
James Dayman                            2013         Purchase of a Portanet and other training equipment for the junior section.
Andy Wilson                                 2013                                   --As above--
Charlie Harris                               2013          Purchase of additional training equipment 
Daniel Blackman                          2014          Contribution towards new Permanent Practice Net 
Jordan Fester                               2014                                   --As above--                                                                                                                                    E
mily Adkinson                            2014