Boxted Cricket Club News story

Ground maintenance work, Sunday 19th and Monday 20th September.

09 Sep 2021

Dear All,


I hope you are keeping safe and well .

So it is nearly the end of another season, a bit better than 2020 , but hardly normal.

As you are aware our long-term groundsman, Graham Francis , passed away earlier this year. For the current season I am extremely grateful for the work Paul Harris has done , as well as support from Charlie Harris, which has meant that between us we have produced some fairly decent pitches  .  Going forward Paul is moving on to pastures new so I will be looking to others  for support .

In that vein we are looking to tidy up and put the pitch to bed in the next two weeks ,so if you have some time available on 19th and/or 20th September,  please can you let me know by replying to this e mail  ( or text me on 07906 052722 ) so I can manage the numbers . This will be somewhat weather dependent, but the forecast is currently looking quite good .

For Sunday 19th I would be looking to start at 10.00am and on the pitch side it will need cutting very short and then watering so that it is damp enough for the scarifying and seeding which is to take place the next day  . Also, if we have enough people , the sight screens will needing putting away and the garage could do with a tidy up and review of anything that is considered superfluous ( we do seem to accumulate equipment !).

For Monday 20th September , I appreciate it is a workday , but it is very difficult to get weekend dates from our “suppliers” . I  hope that some of you still enjoy WFH and can spare a few hours either in the morning or the afternoon  .

During the morning we will look to start at 9 am and the first task is to transport 80-90 bags of 25kg loam out to both pitch ends . This won’t take look if there are a few of us to use either a barrow and/or a vehicle.

The “supplier” , in this case Suffolk Grounds Association , will have two people in attendance, but will need our further help to :  

Remove the “spoil” from scarifying .

Load the hoppers with loam as they work up and down each pitch .

This work I would anticipate would be finished by around 1pm .

During the afternoon I  will need a couple of people to help put in place fencing to keep footballs off the seeded area as far as possible.

Look forward to hearing from you !


Kind Regards

Steve Philpott

Hon Chair Person