Honorary Life Members

Life Members
An increasingly large number of people give or have given a great deal of their time voluntarily to assist with the running of the club for which we are all very grateful indeed. It is only right that the club recognises this effort often given over a sustained period of time and we currently do this by bestowing Honorary Life Membership on those concerned.

Our current Honorary Life Members are:-

T Martin Esq
P Corke Esq
K Llewellyn Esq
Mrs M Llewellyn
Mrs M Osborne
S Khaira Esq
C Honey Esq
Mrs H Honey
I Evans Esq
J Hamblion Esq
R Wilson Esq
Mrs J Wilson
P Harris Esq
Mrs E Harris
P Harris(Senior) Esq
Mrs S Harris
G Green Esq
Mrs S Green
Mrs D Hamblion
S Philpott Esq
Mrs S Philpott

Junior Club Honorary Life Members

Mrs Anne Adkinson
Mrs Sarah Green
Mrs Lorraine Lines